For the past decade, I've worked at the intersection of design and technology, constantly pushing boundaries to make products that are not just functional, but beautiful and future-oriented.

I believe innovation isn't a mere buzzword - it's the core principle that fuels my work. I aim to harness the power of emerging technologies, transforming them into intuitive interfaces that people love to use

2020 – Now
• Currently leading the redesign efforts for an access control software system, working closely with Product, Engineering, and Executive teams to meet and exceed industry standards.

• Spearheaded initiatives to enhance usability and expand features, driving improvements in user experience.

• Actively conducted industry and user research, often utilizing interviews and transcription software to identify and analyze user pain points.

• Established company-wide user research and testing protocols to validate design decisions and guide future improvements.
2018 – 2022
• Served as a founding designer, playing one of the key roles in shaping the company's vision and establishing its augmented reality storytelling platform from inception.

• Took a leading role in assembling a development team and actively participated in project management

• Actively participated in the full cycle of research, design, and development handoff.

• Offered strategic guidance on the selection of AR technology stacks, contributing to informed business strategy decisions.

• Crafted user-centric UI and UX designs that not only simplified implementation for developers but also elevated the overall user experience.

• Collaborated closely with developers for seamless handoff, leveraging the latest AR native technologies and proactively planning for future advancements in the AR space.
2015 – 2018
Sensorama Lab is a research and development innovation lab that focuses on AR, VR, and virtual production.

• Delved into the capabilities of virtual reality, researching its potential applications and limitations.

• Conducted hands-on testing of various input methods for both VR and AR, contributing to the optimization of user experiences.

• Contributed to a diverse range of projects, from creating VR documentaries to developing spatial sound experiences.

• Had the opportunity to collaborate on high-impact projects such as the Chornobyl 360

• Assisted in the development of interactive assets and materials, enriching the immersiveness of various VR/AR experiences.
2017 – 2018
• Played a key role in the conceptualization and development of high-potential domain names such as,,, and

• Conducted comprehensive planning, research, design, and testing for web projects across multiple sectors.

• Implemented product improvements based on customer feedback and evaluations, aiming to enhance user experience.

• Presented design concepts and progress to various stakeholders, including senior management and external partners.
2015 – 2016
Contributed to the design and development of my university's website ( as a member of the IT Department during my academic studies, before it changed its name to Utah Tech

• Conducted user research and usability tests to identify areas for website improvement, leading to an increase in user engagement.

• Developed custom web elements using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, adding interactive features that increased site functionality.

• Managed regular website updates, ensuring content accuracy and compliance with accessibility standards.
2014 – 2015
• Spearheaded the design efforts for multiple mobile products (iOS, Android, Web) in a fast-paced Agile development environment

• Partnered with the senior project manager to establish project objectives, timelines, and actionable plans, ensuring alignment with business goals.

• Contributed to the entire creative process, from copywriting to design execution, optimizing user experiences across multiple products.

• Provided innovative design solutions that addressed specific challenges and contributed to achieving business objectives.
2013 – 2014
• Gained hands-on experience designing interactive projects using cutting-edge technologies such as Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion.

• Localized the Stanford Design Thinking process for a Ukrainian audience through the adaptation of the City X project, with a focus on imparting design thinking skills to children. Worked with children to introduce them to the project.