Website Redesign • 2017

Project Overview

I lead the redesign of, an platform focused on camping enthusiasts, along with its companion camping mobile app. The primary aim was to enhance user experience, streamline navigation, and increase overall engagement. The website community consists of campers who contribute diverse insights and share unique camping experiences. My role involved understanding their needs, conceptualizing design solutions, and carrying out usability tests. I closely collaborated with developers, marketers, and content creators.


The original website was developed long time ago. Despite being rich in content, the site's outdated interface made it difficult for users to navigate and engage.


The redesigned emerged as a user-friendly platform with easier navigation and enhanced engagement features. User feedback post-implementation reflected significant improvements in their experience. The mobile app was revamped with intuitive features, boosting user satisfaction.

The website structure was overhauled, making it more accessible to new visitors. Implementation of SEO strategies increased the website's online visibility. Despite the modernization, the community feel of the site and the user-generated content were preserved, reinforcing the website's unique identity.

*My role was to lead the redesign effort as well as to communicate with both clients and end users. The site was developed by Giantsource

What is it about?

The initial phase involved a thorough evaluation of the existing site and app, focusing on their weaknesses and potential areas for improvement. User feedback, site analytics, and competitor analysis played crucial roles in this assessment. Once we identified the core issues, we moved to developing design solutions that would not only rectify these issues but also enhance user interaction. We prioritized revamping the site's navigation, mobile app intuitiveness, user engagement features, SEO optimization, while still preserving the community-centric nature of the platform.

Book camping accomodations

We implemented a seamless booking system that allowed users to reserve camping spots with ease. This feature was designed to provide real-time availability and pricing, and to deliver immediate confirmation to users. The interface was made user-friendly, and the booking process was simplified to cater to all types of users, whether experienced campers or beginners. The resulting ease of booking greatly enhanced user satisfaction and added to the overall success of the redesign.

Learn more about camping

We built a comprehensive repository of resources for users to learn about camping. From choosing the right gear to cooking recipes, survival skills, and site recommendations, the platform offered a wealth of information for both novice and experienced campers. The learning materials were presented in an organized, intuitive manner, making it easy for users to find and navigate through the content. Additionally, we incorporated features allowing users to share their own tips and experiences, fostering a vibrant, supportive community of campers.

Community Challenges

While the redesign aimed to modernize the website, it was essential to preserve the close-knit community vibe it already had. We introduced 'Camping Challenges', a feature encouraging users to participate in various activities, fostering interaction and engagement. Users could share their adventures and achievements, thus spurring healthy competition within the community

Dedicated Camping App

We developed a dedicated mobile app, which facilitated a digital check-in system for campers. This feature helped streamline campsite entry and eliminated the need for paperwork. In addition, the app served as a social platform for campers in the same site to connect, chat, and share experiences, adding to the vibrant camping community. The app also provided essential information about the campsite, including amenities, weather updates, local attractions, and emergency contact details, thus enhancing safety and convenience for users.


The overall redesign of was the result of tireless collaborative efforts and a keen understanding of user needs. The new intuitive interface, coupled with enhanced features, significantly enriched the user experience while preserving the site's community-centric ethos. The revamp also successfully increased online visibility and user engagement, demonstrating the impact of effectively implemented SEO strategies.

The project underscored the important role of user-focused design in creating a successful online platform, consolidating status as a leading resource for camping enthusiasts.

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