Eco activist community

Project Overview

The project consisted of creating an engaging platform that encourages positive environmental action. The website was designed to be user-friendly, promoting easy access to information on eco-activism. Features such as forums, resources, and an event calendar were included to connect like-minded individuals.

Featured Articles

To highlight the site's informative articles, we created "Featured Articles". This hub became a central point for users to learn about various environmental topics and concerns. This curated area showcased top-notch content that was not only highly educational but also inspiring, creating a sense of urgency around environmental action


Our experience designing was a rewarding journey filled with lessons. Successfully melding an ambitious scope with user-friendliness, we created a digital platform that truly incentivizes environmental action. Addressing challenges related to content diversity, seamless functionality, and user accessibility led us to design a website that's not just visually inviting but also rich in resources and opportunities for community engagement. Ultimately, we've crafted a hub that champions eco-consciousness and has the power to inspire and guide its users towards a greener future.

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