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Project Overview

I lead the redesign of Modern.com, an e-commerce platform, along with its companion augmented reality (AR) mobile app.

This project focused on creating an e-commerce store and driving user engagement by incorporating advanced AR technology. This integration allowed users to not only purchase merchandise but also to interactively experience it within the app, enhancing both the utility and enjoyment of the shopping process.


The project wasn't without its hurdles. We grappled with technical issues while integrating AR technology into the e-commerce platform which was a time and resource-intensive process. User experience also posed a challenge, as we had to ensure the AR features were intuitive, entertaining, but not too distracting from the primary goal of shopping. It was a delicate balance, but through constant testing and refinement, we managed to overcome these obstacles.


The project design was completed and handed off to the team of developers.

What is it about?

The first physical meets digital art platform. Modern is an online store specializing in augmented reality (AR) merchandise, featuring exclusive street fashion collections created in collaboration with street artists.

I was approached by Alex Tabibi from ZCapital to work on bring modern.com to the next level

Landing page –  video walkthrough

AR E-commerce

The e-commerce experience at Modern.com is truly one-of-a-kind. The integration of AR lets users visualize products in their real-life environments before making a purchase, thereby transforming the buying journey. Not limited to product previews, the AR experience also engages users through immersive storytelling and interactive features. The seamless navigation of the platform, coupled with AR features, ultimately drives user engagement and repeat purchases.

Product page –  video walkthrough
Product Pages include AR Preview for the merchandise, as well as model size for reference and easy check out options
in-context cart checkout experience
Featured Products and Categories

Modern Stories

As part of our content strategy, we created an informative hub, curating engaging content focusing on street fashion trends and augmented reality. The articles not only centered on Modern's collections, but also explored the broader context of AR's influence in the fashion industry.

This initiative served as an extension of our customer engagement efforts, fostering a sense of community among users. Furthermore, it provided users with unique insights and fresh perspectives, solidifying Modern as a thought leader in the exciting intersection of e-commerce, AR technology, and urban style.

Product page –  video walkthrough
Featured stories are selected articles about modern fashion and immersive technologies

Crafting the Brand in Spline 3D

Our team used Spline 3D to craft the brand. As a critical component of the project, we focused on creating a unique visual identity to reflect Modern's forward-thinking vision and commitment to blending the physical with the digital.

Whenever I work on the project, I try to push innovation into different parts of the projects, including branding. In case of modern.com, I design several iterations of modern logo using Spline 3D program.

Modern.com logo candidate – made in Spline 3D
Another variant of Modern.com logo – made in Spline 3D


Through our innovative approach, we were successful in merging the digital with the physical in a unique and engaging manner. Our experiment with AR and e-commerce through Modern.com redefined the boundaries of online shopping and user engagement.

The positive response from our users and their growing trust in the brand speaks volumes about our success. As pioneers in this space, we continue to explore new horizons and are committed to pushing the envelope in creating seamless and immersive digital experiences for our users.

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