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Project Overview

I lead the design of the USSA x Ski Racing mobile app that was being developed by Rocketmade. The core objective of the app was to facilitate streamlined communication and coordination between ski racing teams and enthusiasts. Acting as the project lead, my responsibilities spanned from initial concept development to overseeing the final product delivery.


We had 2 different clients with different focuses. The USSA was focused on features that would facilitate organization and information dissemination, while Ski Racing was keen on creating engaging content for users. Balancing these diverse interests posed a challenge.

Additionally, harmonizing these disparate focuses into a cohesive, easy-to-use app was a complex task.


Through our collective efforts, we were able to successfully roll out an application that catered to both USSA and Ski Racing's needs. The app achieved high usability scores, indicating that it was easy to use and understand regardless of the user's age. The real-time race data feature was implemented successfully with minimal issues, overcoming the challenges posed by remote locations.

*My role was to work with the team of 3 software engineers, a project manages, and clients' associates

project kick off

Ski Racing and USSA approached Rocketmade with the project concept, already having a basic framework for the app's functionality. Our first step was a series of brainstorming sessions to outline the specific needs of both USSA and Ski Racing. We then created a detailed roadmap, identifying key milestones, and allocated tasks to our team members. As a design lead, I ensured that our strategies aligned with our core goal. Regular updates and check-ins were organized to evaluate progress and troubleshoot issues. This kick-off phase set the foundation for the successful development of the USSA x Ski Racing app.

Ski Racing News

This feature allows users to stay updated with the latest happenings in the world of ski racing. News articles and blog posts can be accessed directly from the app, providing comprehensive coverage of races, training sessions, and other events.

Ski Racing Galleries

Ski racing galleries offer a visual treat for fans. High-quality images from races and events can be viewed and shared directly on the app. This feature not only enhances user engagement but also presents an immersive experience.

Ski Racing Athletes

This feature offers users detailed profiles of athletes, complete with bios and statistics. It allows fans to track their favorite athletes’ progress and learn more about their careers. Furthermore, it keeps users up to date with the latest events in the ski racing calendar, ensuring users never miss a race. This comprehensive database is a valuable resource for athletes, coaches and fans alike, cementing the USSA x Ski Racing app's place as an indispensable tool in the ski racing community.

Live events

The app's primary feature is live race tracking, allowing users to follow races in real-time. This comprehensive tracking includes updates on the racers' positions, timings, and race progress. This real-time functionality has not only streamlined communication but also amplified fan engagement, transforming the ski racing experience altogether.


The USSA x Ski Racing app has truly revolutionized the ski racing landscape by bridging the communication gap among various stakeholders, promoting real-time tracking, and providing an engaging platform for the ski racing community. Despite initial challenges, the team's collective efforts resulted in the successful delivery of an app that met both USSA and Ski Racing's needs while also achieving high user feedback. The initiative stands as a testament to effective problem-solving, collaboration, and the strategic integration of technology in sports.

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