Solar vendor search

Project Overview

This project aimed to develop a user-friendly interface for, optimizing the customer journey through the vendor selection process. The goal was to create an intuitive step-by-step guide that seamlessly connects users to the right solar service providers suited to their needs.


The main challenges we encountered were understanding the diverse needs of users in terms of solar services and accommodating these varying requirements within a simple and navigable interface. Balancing aesthetics and functionality without compromising on website performance added another layer of complexity.

Ensuring the step-by-step guide was thorough yet not overwhelming was crucial to retain users and promote successful completion of the vendor selection process.

*This was a quick project that resulted in renting domain to the other solar business

project kick off

The project commenced with a comprehensive research phase to understand the target user base and their requirements better. The next step involved designing wireframe prototypes, followed by rigorous testing and iterative improvements. We then implemented the design, ensuring seamless transition between different stages of the vendor selection process


The redesign resulted in a significant uptick in user engagement and successful vendor matches. The simplicity and user-friendliness of the website interface were highly praised, inspiring a surge in customer return rate. Notably, the synchronized process achieved a higher completion rate, proving the project's success. Our agile and research-based approach allowed us to create an efficient, aesthetically pleasing platform that caters to different user requirements without compromising on speed and usability, ultimately revolutionizing the solar vendor selection process.

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