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Project Overview

I lead the redesign of Weed.com, an e-commerce platform tailored for cannabis enthusiasts. We aimed to streamline the user experience, making the product discovery and purchase process intuitive and seamless. The team and I worked collaboratively through various phases of the project.


The venture posed unique obstacles related to the unique nature of the product and the regulations surrounding its online trade. These included creating a user-friendly platform capable of handling age verification and state-specific legal requirements. Additionally, ensuring privacy and security for our customers was paramount. Lastly, we had to be mindful of creating an aesthetic that appeals to our target demographic without perpetuating stereotypes, while also showcasing a wide variety of cannabis products in an attractive and informative way.


Our redesign resulted in increased user engagement and an upsurge in sales. The new design was lauded for its user-friendliness and ability to manage the complex legalities involved in cannabis e-commerce.

What is it about?

A domain owner and entrepreneur Alexander Tabibi enlisted my help to redesign multiple domains he owned. Together, we transformed weed.com into a user-friendly, secure e-commerce platform for cannabis enthusiasts. The design successfully balanced legal requirements, privacy, and consumer appeal. The redesign was well-received by users and positively influenced business performance, marking a significant growth milestone for the company.

Landing page –  video walkthrough
Next to each other comparison of new and old version of the website
Original webpage design

New Home Page

Our home page served as the entrance to our exciting world of cannabis products. With a welcoming and sleek design, it piqued users' interest from their first interaction. We optimized it to reflect both the freshness of our brand and the variety of products we offered. This included clearly segmented sections for different types of merchandise, a featured products section, and a hassle-free navigation bar. In essence, our home page established the tone for the entire user journey, proving to be an effective tool for product discovery and enhancing customer engagement.

New design. Location selection on the main page is important to show relevant store content

Integrated search

Our platform's search feature was designed to be powerful and user-friendly. It was equipped with auto-complete and filter options to help users easily navigate through our extensive product line. The search results were clearly categorized and displayed in a manner that facilitated quick product discovery. Additionally, we made sure to optimize product descriptions and relevant information to support our users' decision-making process. The overall function of our search feature not only expedited the shopping journey but also fostered customer satisfaction.

Site-wide search is available anytime
Featured items section is dynamic so we can filter it without changing to another page
Shop by category

Weed FAQ

Our FAQ section was meticulously curated to address common queries and concerns, fostering customer confidence and smoothing the shopping process. Answers were written in an easy-to-understand language and catered to the common queries around product specifications, shipping, return policies, and legalities.

FAQ section

cannabis inspired community

It was important for a managing team to craft weed.com as an immersive hub for cannabis enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community among users. A place, where members could interact, share experiences, and gain knowledge about diverse cannabis products and their usage.

Join our community of cannabis enthusiasts
Special promotions for different regions
Navigation bar


This project exemplifies how a blend of user-friendly design, meticulous data analysis, efficient age verification, and innovative technologies like 3D visualizations and augmented reality can revolutionize the e-commerce experience in a highly regulated field like cannabis. The holistic approach, focus on legal compliance, and building an interactive community around the brand led to significant growth in sales and user engagement

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